Jean-Baptiste Lamarck : works and heritage

Updates and perspectives

The Lamarck website is still in progress. The graphic layout and new sections are currently being developed. We will be grateful for any suggestion at the technical and the content levels. In particular, any clue leading to the identification of still unknown pupils of Lamarck, or any correction of the proposed identifications, will be most welcomed and duly acknowledged.

Over 6500 pages of Lamarckian texts are already available in text mode, and will shortly and freelbe available in word and pdf format. Photos of pages of the 'Mémoires de physique et d'histoire naturelle' and of the 'SystÈme des animaux sans vertèbres' can also be consulted.

The biographical section is also undergoing radical improvement, with the planned addition of further testimonies and documents. Since 2004, a new interrogation interface for the 'pupils of Lamarck' database is open. It will allow access to all the bio-bibliographical information so far collected. The english version of will also be expanded.


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