Jean-Baptiste Lamarck : works and heritage

Lamarck’s Herbarium

Sold soon after Lamarck's death, and bought back by the Muséum in 1886, the herbarium is now preserved at the Herbier National. 19.000 specimens strong, the herbarium has been put together by Lamarck all along his life, thanks to contributions from a network of correspondents throughout the world, which included some of the most famous botanists of his time. Digitalization procedures follow the order of the collection. The photographs reproducing the first of the nineteen thousand folders composing the herbarium are already available. The complete collection will follow in the next few months, folder after folder, as well as plant identification. The connection between each specimen and the relevant record in the herbaria database SONNERAT at the Muséum is currently in progress thanks to the cooperation of Marc Pignal (Herbier national P, Département de Systématique et Evolution, MNHN). In due time it will be possible to access all the information available concerning each specimens here reproduced, and to search the database.

Thanks you to G. Aymonin for the text : "notes de présentation de l'herbier de Lamarck".

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