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[Tmoignages et biographies] • Biographical Memoir of M. de Lamarck, by the Baron Cuvier
Title : Biographical Memoir of M. de Lamarck
Author : Baron Cuvier
Page(s) : Vol. XX, n XXIX, p. 1-22
Editor(s) : Edimbourgh
Date : 1836
Informations : Cuvier had never loved Lamarck, as this funeral eulogy abundantly proves. And yet, the discourse constitutes a precious source of information on Lamarck's life and works. Certainly motivated by the desire to diminish the reputation of his colleague, Cuvier's insistance on the systematic character of Lamarck's thought is well argued and convincing.
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Biographical Memoir of M. de Lamarck. By the Baron Cuvier. p 1.

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