Jean-Baptiste Lamarck : works and heritage

the lamarck's manuscripts from the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle of Paris

The first folders of Lamarck's manuscripts preserved in the Central Library at the Muséum are now available. 4.500 manuscript pages, covering more than thirty years of Lamarck's career, will be accessible both in image and integral text format. Thanks to the catalogue of the archive realized by Pascale Heurtel (Central Library, MNHN), it will be possible to access the collection as preserved in the archive. The transcriptions are based on the work undertaken under the direction of Max Vachon, Inédits de Lamarck d'après les manuscrits conservés à la bibliothèque centrale du muséum national d'histoire naturelle de Paris, Paris, 1972. We wish to thank Masson Editions for permission to use it.

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