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Names adopted by the inventor (in German, recht winckelmas and richtschentlein; in Latin, norma and regula; in Italian (Bartoli), squadra giusta and regolo).



Albrecht Dürer

Historic Period



Instrument for measuring heights described by Albrecht Dürer in his treatise on geometry: "Then take a square and with a nail, fix a rule to the end of one of its sides, so that it can move freely. Position the square on line 'ac' [ground line] so that its vertical side is parallel to the tower, and the eye behind it at point 'a', where the mobile ruler is fixed. Now point the ruler at point 'b'. After having found the exact point, mark the angle formed with the square and fix the ruler at that inclination. Then without moving it from that position, turn the square with the ruler over on the ground and mark on the side of the tower its height at point 'd'. In this way you will have formed two equivalent triangles: one vertical, 'abc', and one on the ground, acd. You will thus have determined the height of the tower on the ground line 'cd' ".

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Author of the entry: Filippo Camerota

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