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Les auditeurs aux cours de Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

Update on the project

The first objective of this research is to proceed to the identification of the different individuals inscribed, in order to establish a reliable prosopography; whenever possible, a short bio-bibliography will also be provided.

To this day, thanks to the collaboration of specialists from different disciplines and the consultation of several biographical repertories, bibliographic catalogs, specialised dictionaries and documents in several French Public Record Offices, 537 pupils have already been identified. 108 promising leads are currently under investigation.

The digital database especially created for this project, has been designed by Raphaël Bange et Patrick Jardin, according to the specifications of the meta-base system created by Andrea Scotti. It includes the data from the registry and centralises all the information found on each pupil (biographical and bibliographical data, documents, interesting leads, etc...). It can already be consulted and queried on the website. A better consultation interface is currently being designed by Stephane Pouyllau, which will allow access to all the details of the database.

We wish to thank in advance colleagues, archivists, librarians and students who will send us any further information on, or correction to, the data here presented. Contributions will be gratefully acknowledged.

Research team

In order to identify the pupils attending Lamarck's lectures, colleagues from different disciplines, archivists and librarians have provided unvaluable help.

The names and addresses of specific contributors will be mentioned at the appropriate locations as wel as in the listing of participants to the project.

Scientific Committee : Chairman, Pietro Corsi; Christian Bange, Raphaël Bange, Anne Bonnefoy, Patrice Bret, Edouard Brygoo, Betty Chanton, Jean-Pierre Clément, Philippe Deladerrière, Jean-Marc Drouin, Louis Dulieu, Claude Dupuis, Pascal Duris, Marie-Claire Groessens-Van Dyck, Irina and Dimitri Gouzévitch, Lorelai Kury, Denis Lamy, Marie and Christian Landry, Goulven Laurent, Philippe Lherminier, Jean-Louis Mahé, Jacques Marcadé, Patrick Matagne, Pierre Morel, Gerhard Müller, Adriana Neirotti, Joseph Pennec, Yves Potard, Gilles Quincy, Philippe Ridouard, Michel Valentin, Jean Vimpère.

Co-ordination : Anne Bonnefoy, Director of the section History of sciences, Espace Mendès-France, Poitiers.


Apart from the researchers which have served and are serving on the Scientific Committee, we also wish to thank Santiago Aragon, Antonio Garcia Belmar, Jean-Claude Caillez, Yves Finet, Torsten Kanz, C. Krimbas, Adriana Neirotti and Alicja Zemanek for the complement of information they kindly forwarded to us.

The identification of many signatures present in the register of attendance to Lamarck's lectures would not have been possible without the precious collaboration of many archivists, librarians, specialists of local history, who had the kindness to answer our questionnaires and specific queries.

The services of the archives départementales, of the archives municipales, the museums and libraries collaborating to this research project will of course be mentioned in the data-base next to the information they have provided.

Finally, thanks to Patrick Jardin, Raphaël Bange and Andrea Scotti, who designed this data-base, further research is undertaken on the consultation interface, in order to expand the power of access to the several thousands data stored in our database. Data have been entered by Claudia Zudini, Georg Schwartz, Sarah Bendaoud and Raphaël Bange, whereas the graphical optimisation of the autograph signatures in the register has been realised by Luciano De Sanctis.


© 2006 CNRS/CSI/MNHN/EHESS. Auteurs : RaphaŽl Bange, Pietro Corsi.